The Zodiac Signs As Home Decor

Aires : chandelier

Aires is the bold and beautiful starter of the zodiac so, “let there be light”, and may it be glamorous.

Taurus : succulents & plants

A Taurus tends to feel most connected when they are in and around nature. Plants in the home are ideal for a Taurus and their earthy persona.

Gemini : colorful pillows

Sometimes it’s hard for a Gemini to decide what they like. Having a few colorful and different styled pillows gives variety and expresses their creativity in their living space.

Cancer : family photos & sentimental objects

Cancer’s are extremely sentimental and have often have strong family ties. Having photos of their loved ones and sentimental objects on display will touch a cancer’s heart when they see them in their home.

Leo : fuzzy animal rug/blanket

Bold and fun Leo loves to make a statement. Having such a unique and bold piece on or under the couch will surely draw the attention that Leo loves.

Virgo : anything from the container store

Notorious for being the most organized of the zodiac, Virgos innately love a space where they know where everything is. The container store is basically a Virgo’s heaven.

Libra : cute deco figurines

Libras have a great sense of style so naturally decorating comes easy to them. Anything that will make their space more homey such as small figurines and other artsy decor is fitting for them.

Scorpio : scented candles

A scorpios home is their sacred space, it’s where they come to rest and recharge. Sensitive to their surroundings a scented candle can help to set the vibe and clear the bad energies.

Sagittarius : world map

Sagittarius the adventurer of the zodiac, is always up for new things and plans. A hanging wall map or globe is fitting as it reminds them to go explore and quench their thirst to see the world.

Capricorn : dining set & kitchen essentials

Capricorns hold family and those they love near to their heart. As an earth sign they’re also very practical. A Capricorns love can often be shown by cooking for and hosting their loved ones. A dining set and kitchen essentials are a staple for a Capricorn.

Aquarius : big windows

This dreamer of the zodiac might have found themselves constantly day dreaming and staring out the window in class as a child. Aquarius will still love and appreciate a big window to let their imagination wander and to free their minds from a confined space.

Pisces : salt lamp

This mystical sign will truly love and appreciate the glow of a salt lamp creating a good vibe in their room. As a water sign energy is important to them so the aura of this lamp will aid a Pisces in organizing their energy.

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