Easiest Vegan Mac N Cheese Of All Time

Sometimes you just have a craving for Mac n Cheese. But all time I’m 100% against eating any dairy. So it puts me in a tough spot. Do I blend my own cashews and turmeric in attempt to make cheese and then boil it and add it to pasta? I could… but often I don’t have the time or ingredients on hand. That’s when I tried to make my own, my own way. This vegan Mac n cheese satisfied my craving and took roughly 13 minutes to make, and only has 4 ingredients. Work smarter not harder am I right?

You’ll need:

  • Pasta (I used elbow macaroni but any will work)
  • Plant milk (I used macadamia nut milk bc it’s my favorite & it’s so dang creamy) PS unsweetened will work better
  • Chao vegan cheese in the creamy original flavor
  • Vegan butter


  1. Bring water to a boil & add a tiny bit of salt
  2. Add in pasta ( I used 3/4 of a box for a large serving could probably feed 2) and cook for recommended time stirring occasionally so it doesn’t stick to the bottom
  3. Once pasta is cooked, drain but don’t rinse. This leaves the pasta sticky so that the cheese will stay on
  4. Put pasta back in pan over warm heat on the stove
  5. Add in a large table spoon of vegan butter, about half a cup of plant milk, and about 4-5 slices of Chao vegan cheese (I like to rip the slices of cheese into smaller pieces just for easier melting purposes)
  6. Stir all ingredients around for some time, the cheese takes a little while to melt and you might doubt that it’ll melt by the looks of it at first – but just keep stirring- it will melt and blend in
  7. Once everything reaches desired melty-ness and creaminess – dig in and enjoy!

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