Free Instagram Story Templates Re-Dropped

Now more user friendly, I’ve re-released the original Instagram story templates AND added 4 new bonus templates! To save these templates for your use, simply press and hold each image below, then click save image to camera roll. For a quick how to on how to use these templates in Instagram- watch the videos on my Instagram or in the next post.

The best part about this template is it’s versatility- use it for a Q&A with your followers, a poll, 2 photos, a photo and announcement, or whatever else your little heart desires!

Use this template for a double photo story, a multi-part announcement, or a mix of both. Would also be perfect for a Q&A with the top part containing the question and the bottom section containing the poll or the answer!

This aesthetic and neutral story template is one of my favorites and my GO-TO template for a new post or announcement! The neutral tones and big space give you lots of room to add your own touch.

Everything’s better in twos, this double photo Instagram story is twice the fun.

Inspirational & Vibey great for a new post, announcement, or countdown, etc.

Love this template for an announcement or a singular photo story or even your day to day activities. Perfect space at the bottom for some personalized text

Make it a double with this story template or use one spot for your photo and one for some text!

Great for a singular photo or announcement!

One of my favorite story templates I’ve created!

Perfect size for a “new post” story! Use the space at the bottom for your own text, emoji, or gif.

Holiday Pack
The holidays are just around the corner- and what’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer? (Besides singing loud for all to hear) a holiday story template pack of course! (ps. Shoutout if you got the movie quote)

Boss Babe Pack
A super aesthetic story template pack designed for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Online shops. All the femme vibes to up your Instagram story game.

Boutique Pack
Designed with Online boutiques in mind, this story template Pack is perfect to showcase your new arrivals, hot selling items, and flash sales!

Basic Pack
For the Instagram story where less is more- sometimes it’s good to keep things simple that way the viewer can focus on the content rather than the art around it.
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