Let’s collab!

One of my favorite parts about my graphic design business is working with brands and influencers to create collages that make them smile and that add value to their feed.

Today, Instagram is the most common way that people shop, discover brands, and connect with programs that change their life. Influencer marketing has grown into a full time career for many and allows brands to have a unique way to reach potential customers.

I offer custom collages in the format of Instagram stories and posts, and can design a product that not only adds visual aid to your feed but that showcases your service or product in a unique, beautiful and unforgettable way.

Some Instagram stories I’ve created ⬇️

An artsy Instagram story showcases a few pieces from @revolve.
A story collage by me featuring products from @oohlaluxe

All you have to do on your end is add a swipe up link and customers will be on their way to adding items to cart!

Add some visual eye candy to your feed ⤵️

An influencer collage I made for @leximars
A collage I created showing off some of @shopstarlow’s images
An aesthetic collage I made with @trescolorjjewlery’s neutral toned images

What many don’t know is that my designs go beyond social media. I’m happy to create art that can up your marketing game on your website, emails, and any other facets you can think of.

My rates are comparable and competitive to others on the market and I believe that my art can make your online presence something your customers won’t forget.

I’d love to hear from you! Drop a request by direct messaging me on my Instagram @michaelarosestyling

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