Cinnamon Loaf (vegan & gluten free)

Who doesn’t love the warm, cozy, smell of cinnamon floating through the house on a cold winters day? Better yet, who does’t love bread? (or any type of carbs for that matter lol) This recipe will yield a perfect, delicious, dense and moist loaf of bread that would be a great choice to bake andContinue reading “Cinnamon Loaf (vegan & gluten free)”

No pain no gain.

Contrary to popular belief (and my own past personal beliefs and current tendencies) things sometimes suck. Things sometimes hurt. Things sometimes cause us pain. And every time they do, I hope you have the courage to allow yourself to feel that pain. Does it feel good? No. Does feeling that pain look like sleepless nights,Continue reading “No pain no gain.”

Free Instagram Story Templates Re-Dropped

Now more user friendly, I’ve re-released the original Instagram story templates AND added 4 new bonus templates! To save these templates for your use, simply press and hold each image below, then click save image to camera roll. For a quick how to on how to use these templates in Instagram- watch the videos onContinue reading “Free Instagram Story Templates Re-Dropped”