Don’t wait your whole life to be happy

This graphic was inspired by the intention to enjoy life as it is. The decision to invite happiness, joy, and gratitude for the present moments and current stage of life. Comparison is a buzz kill. Be happy where you’re at and that feeling of happiness internally will elevate you to your next levels. We don’tContinue reading “Don’t wait your whole life to be happy”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day shopping made easy. Shipped directly to your door through Amazon. Gifts for every kind of mother figure. From affordable prices to splurge gifts. Nothing says I love you more than “I’ll do all the vacuuming for the rest of your life”. But since that’s a high promise to keep, consider the Roomba VacuumContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021”

Thick hair girl claw clips

Claw Clips are on trend this season just like they were back in the 2000s. And If you’ve got a lot of hair, chances are you’re having trouble getting this trend to hold, literally. I have super long hair that’s super thick and wavy. Earlier this year I tried a few different clips from targetContinue reading “Thick hair girl claw clips”